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Ryan Saari



What inspired your idea?


Portland has more nonprofits per capita than any other city in the world. They did not need us to start "another" great NPO. What it needs are people willing to partner with these great organizations and come along side them to continue to help and support them in what they are already doing.
How much time and energy do NPO's spend on fundraising? What if, instead it being all on them, there was a business out there that simply existed to be the "fundraising department" FOR them? Simply by employing solid business practices, and then giving the rest away.

What’s your social impact business idea?


To create a new way of giving back to charitable organizations, through the social and community environment of a Pub. Customers come in, choose their food, their drink, and the charity that they wish to support from a list of local NPO's. 100% of any profit made goes to the charities that we're partnered with. After our operating expenses are paid, we simply give the rest away.
Furthermore, the Pub is a mouthpiece for these organizations, and a way for them to gain further support and awareness of what they're doing in our city.

What is your impact and how is it relevant to the business?


The business is the impact. We do nothing. The NPO's that we're partnered with are the heroes. We exist because they do.
We see our pub as a community center for change. Where others can come to simply enjoy great food and drink, and give a little back, but also learn how to take action in their own time and to "be the change they wish to see in the world."

How will you establish sustainable impact in the locations you wish to serve?


By running a solid business. Portland is "beervana". People love to come out and have a pint. How much more will they love to support a neighborhood pub that is also giving back?

What does success look like, including measurements and reporting on the business and your impact?


Success looks like us giving away upwards of $10,000 a month to our partnered charities, simply by running a solid business.
We are not looking for hand outs. We're not looking to "fund raise" for these charities in the traditional sense.
We are looking to become a revenue-generating machine that will continue to churn out funds for our charities, year after year.

What would $50,000 mean for your business? And how will it help your company better reach its goals?


We see $50,000 as a push. Like a giant bolder at the top of a mountain. Once we get going, we won't need any more help. But we can't get this thing rolling on our own. We've been scraping by for the last 3 years, and we're so close to being totally operational. We just need a push.

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Do you plan on opening a bar? Or are you looking to be a middle-man (or a match-maker) between bars and their best-fitted NPO?

by nicole.wdisf
over 2 years ago | Reply

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