Crowdfunding Meals from Local Restaurants to get delivered to local soup kitchens

idea by kfrimpon
Crowdfunding Meals from Local Restaurants to get delivered to local soup kitchens

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Kofi Frimpong



What inspired your idea?


I was inspired by a homeless man I met in Penn Station. Instead of just giving this man money, I wanted to find a way to give back to him directly in a fun and innovative way. That's how I developed It's easy to purchase a taco, burger or any other meal from a local restaurant for a homeless man or woman to enjoy at a local soup kitchen. They will be able to enjoy meals that may have never gotten the chance to before.

We have a great Huffington Post article on our story:

What’s your social impact business idea?


MealTics is an online platform that allows users to crowdfund meals from featured local restaurants that get delivered to local soup kitchens and homeless shelters. A restaurant can aim to raise 300 meals and users can purchase discounted "mealtics" which represent a meal. When the goal is reached, we purchase the meals from the restaurant and have them delivered to partnering soup kitchens and homeless shelters. It's a fun way for people to directly give back and allows the homeless to feel inspired by the local community while enjoying great meals they have never had before. We also have various sponsored prizes for those who are involved on our MealTics platform.

What is your impact and how is it relevant to the business?


49 million Americans suffer from hunger every year. With soup kitchens and homeless shelters always seeking food donations, MealTics will alleviate stress on soup kitchens while providing inspiration and care to those in need. Feeding the homeless with tasty food from local restaurants, allowing local small local restaurants to make money and still give back and giving the users power to share the meals they enjoy everyday with those in need is how we plan to impact local communities across the United States.

How will you establish sustainable impact in the locations you wish to serve?


We aim to consistently add restaurant campaigns and market ourselves as an innovative and easy way for people to give back to the local community. As our user base grows more and more people will be inclined to purchase MealTics serving the homeless everyday. With various online marketing, strategic partnerships, sponsors for prizes and more traditional methods of advertising, we aim to build a community on our platform.

What does success look like, including measurements and reporting on the business and your impact?


Success for us will consist of a few key components. We should be feeding the homeless every month and showing growth. In our first year our goal is 50,000 meals. Another key statistic is showing user growth on our platform, key standard metrics, social media sharing, etc. This can help us evaluate how well we are spreading our cause. From a business perspective, we sustain ourselves by the discount restaurants offer us on meals and the price of mealtics on our platform based on the meal and the prize associated with the campaign. We also plan on building a large community that allows us to generate revenue from prospective advertising partners as well.

What would $50,000 mean for your business? And how will it help your company better reach its goals?


$50,000 would absolutely incredible. As a young recent college grad, I now support myself by doing Taskrabbits and random tasks to support myself while living in NYC. $50,000 would allow me not only to work full time on MealTics as well as help market our platform to a wider audience and scale faster. We would use the funds for online marketing, traditional marketing, helping us to bring in more restaurant partners as well as help us develop our mobile app. We already have a web app that will be launching in June.

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App- very smart! Would this allow users to donate any amount or are the tickets pre-determined amounts? Do you supply a list of restaurants for users to pick from, or just do one restaurant at a time? Do you use food chains like McDonald's or Burger King?

by nicole.wdisf
over 2 years ago | Reply

Hey I just saw this comment. So the amounts are set but you can purchase more than 1 mealtic. We will have various restaurants for you to choose from and we try to use restaurants that supply good healthy food!

by kfrimpon
over 2 years ago | Reply

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