CoverForCover - Fight Child Illiteracy With Fun Kid's Books

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CoverForCover - Fight Child Illiteracy With Fun Kid's Books

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Mike Nemeth


What inspired your idea?

My wife brought me along to the baby shower for our 1st daughter, Charlotte. We got tons of kid's books, but many of them were too boring or sappy. I love reading but was sad there weren’t many fun books. People say books are outdated and to just use an app on a phone, but sitting with your child and reading a book is really special.

I wrote my first book 2 years ago and now have 3 out and 2 more in production. Now that my hobby has turned into a business, I can help even more kids learn how to read through the CoverForCover idea by getting them a new book for every book I sell.

What’s your social impact business idea?

BabyDaddyBooks is a publishing business that makes reading with your child a more enjoyable experience. In a program we call CoverForCover, each sale provides a new print book to children in low income families to help fight child illiteracy. For consumers, we offer entertaining kid’s books that parents can enjoy reading with their kids – often with subtle satire or licensed NCAA collegiate content.

BabyDaddyBooks currently sells books through three distribution channels. We sell direct on our website, wholesale to small gift shops, and wholesale to large retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble). Our titles are satirical, like ‘Mommy’s Favorite Juice’ a children’s book about wine, and then we also license NCAA mascots and sell university themed A-Z books.

What is your impact and how is it relevant to the business?

Low literacy skills among children correspond directly to poor education, unemployment and ill health in their future. CoverForCover can help give kids a chance to succeed by simply improving their vocabulary and preparing them for a future in the digital age where reading skills have never been more important.

I started BabyDaddyBooks to make reading with your child a more enjoyable experience. It’s simple to serve customers who can afford $15 for a fun kid's book, but with CoverForCover I can also help make reading a more enjoyable experience for families that otherwise wouldn’t have a single book in their house.

How will you establish sustainable impact in the locations you wish to serve?

Illiteracy is a widespread problem in low-income families throughout the United States. BabyDaddyBooks, through CoverForCover, will help kids in the US gain access to new books to grow their vocabulary. There are established non-profit organizations, such as FirstBook, which provide new books (educational ones-not ours!) to children in need through school libraries and after school programs.

Ongoing revenue from BabyDaddyBooks sales will provide sufficient funding to deliver additional books through this existing charity book donation infrastructure. Regional sales can correspond to donations to regional book charities allowing retailers to promote local impact for BabyDaddyBooks sales.

What does success look like, including measurements and reporting on the business and your impact?

I’ve already demonstrated that BabyDaddyBooks is a profitable business model over the last year, which was my initial success milestone when I started 2 years ago. My initial goal for CoverForCover is 10,000 books through my existing set of sales channels (online and retail) to help 10,000 low-income children take the joy of reading to their home.

Long term success would be a large national retail partnership that would provide a sustainable source of books that could help fill after-school libraries across the country. It’d be incredible, but possible, that this program wouldn’t just help fight child illiteracy, but ultimately help end it.

What would $50,000 mean for your business? And how will it help your company better reach its goals?

As with any small company, inventory costs and cash flow management represent major obstacles to faster growth. I work directly with book printers and purchase my titles in lots of 1,000 copies. Larger volume purchases would be necessary to serve larger retail chains. New books incur illustration and printing costs. With the revenue from my current collection, I balance the costs of reprints with the costs of developing new titles.

With $50,000 I could print 10,000 books, my initial sales goal for the CoverForCover program, and develop two new titles in time for the holiday season release with retail partners.

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Thanks to everyone who voted and to Columbus Alive for the print coverage. We're excited to get CoverForCover started and this opportunity would make a big difference in how quickly we can make a difference! Check back in early July to find out who won!

by BabyDaddyBooks
10 months ago | Reply

“All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

by paul.tanghe
11 months ago | Reply

Best of luck Mike! This is great stuff

by jds777
11 months ago | Reply


by NemethOH
11 months ago | Reply

Good Luck Mike! I think this program could help you positively affect a lot of children's lives - keep it up! I'm just surprised the company isn't Center Stall Productions - Is there still a way I can get a signed copy?

by robert.ashley1
11 months ago | Reply

of course - all of the books on are in stock and signed... Thanks!

by NemethOH
11 months ago | Reply

Great Concept. Best of luck Mike.

by lynn.jackson.75457
11 months ago | Reply


by NemethOH
11 months ago | Reply

The best of luck in this contest. The world needs more entrepreneurs like you.

by JeffersonD.Hoerr
11 months ago | Reply


by NemethOH
11 months ago | Reply

Very excited to be considered for voting! If anyone has any questions about Baby Daddy Books, feel free to connect with me at - Thanks!

by NemethOH
11 months ago | Reply

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